Sunday, August 15, 2010

Classes off to Great Start--With Meat and Potatoes Italian Style

Good things are happening in Titina's kitchen lately--Those classic ingredients tomatoes, basil and eggplants are in season and after a summer break, Titina is teaching more people the joys of cooking (and eating) Italian style. This week the menu is from Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance and the leading city of Tuscany. Last week, it was meat and potatoes Italian style.

While everyone knows pasta, few people outside of Italy know gnocchi, a star of Titina's popular Sorrento menu. These tender little potato dumplings have ancient roots and qualify as Italian comfort food. Here's a link to an earlier post on this classic, including Titina's recipe.

Gnocchi has few ingredients but technique is important. If you've never experienced this dish, take a class or get your feet wet with the already cooked Emilla Gnocchi sold in the Capri Flavors store. It is very good.

The meat in the equation is Braciole is another Southern Italian classic. Titina stuffs these tender rolls of beef with cheese and pine nuts. Then cooks them until fork tender. Delicious.

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