Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fragile, Delicious, and Very Italian--Titina's Homegrown Figs

This week in Titina's kitchen, figs are in season--and Titina loves this fruit.

She she has two fig trees--one in her herb garden at Capri Flavors retail store--another beside her home.

If you're lucky, you might find some of her homegrown figs for sale in the store.

Ripe figs must be handled very gently. She packs them on leaves in plastic containers.

How should you eat figs? Wash, dry and slice in half

A plate of figs makes a nice finish to meal, especially with salty cheeses.

Lots of recipes combine figs with balsamic--but fig Vincotto is a more common Italian choice.

If you've never tried Vincotto, don't wait any longer to sample this line of sweet grape must products. They enhance so many things. There's nothing like them in the states.

Titina's favorite way to sever her figs is as a starter. Ripe figs and prosciutto make a perfect summer antipasti. Simple, delicious and elegant, it's a classic Italian combo.

Or you get a little more complicated. In this recipe from Epicurious, figs and prosciutto become a pizza topping.

But ripe figs really need nothing. It's one of the lessons Titina teaches her cooking class students-

Always use the best ingredients, and let them shine--

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