Thursday, July 22, 2010

Titina's Lemon Sorbet and other Crowd Pleasers from Capri

A classic cool treat from the beautiful Isle of Capri--For an elegant presentation, try serving Titina's Limon Sorbet in one of the juiced lemon shells

One of the world's most beautiful spots, Chef Titina's home Island of Capri has attracted the rich and famous since Roman times.

So when Titina shares a recipe or kitchen technique--it is crowd pleaser. After all, she grew up in the kichen of a famous family restaturat--the same kitchen where the now world famous Caprese Salad was born.

Her Fall Capri Menu showcases the best of the island--a small rock in a very blue sea-- famous for its lemons, tomatoes, seafood and simple but elegant dishes.

Limoncello --Lemon Liquor
Spaghetti Sciue’-Sciue’ --Spaghetti in Marinara
Aragosta Marinara--Lobster in Red Sauce
Carciofi e Patate-- Artichoke and Potato Saute
Torta di Capri --Almond and Chocolate Cake

Limoncello is one of Titina's classics. She serves this potent drink ice cold in tiny cups after every meal. It is said to aid digetstion.

Another classic lemon dish is from the region is limon sorbet. Here is how Titina makes it to serve at home on these hot summer days. Note: the beaten egg white is an unusual addition. Titina says it keeps the sorbet soft--and she's right!

Limon Sorbet for 4 ( the portions are small--you may want to double)

2 large lemons, juiced
4 TBS sugar
1 cup water
1 TBS vodka
1 egg white beaten

Combine all in a bowl, stiring every few minutes until sugar dissolves completely. Then chill and freeze in an ice cream maker.

Here's a link for all of Titina's new menus for fall. If you'd like to know more about her popular cooking classes, call Capri Flavors at 919 462-9255 or book your space on the Capri Flavors web site.

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