Thursday, December 20, 2012

Private Parties in Titina's Kitchen

In addition to her regularly scheduled cooking classes, Capri Flavors Chef Titina offers private classes for groups of 10-14. 

A unique and unforgettable group activity,  cooking with Titina is a fun way to celebrate and entertain business groups. 

Choose from 3 delicious Italian menus for the Winter 2013 Season:

Private Class Menu I
Capellini con Gamberoni - Capellini pasta with Tiger Shrimp
Rotolo di melanzane - Eggplant Rolls
Insalata Caprese - Caprese Salad

Private Class Menu II
Linguine alle Zucchine - Linguine pasta with Zucchine
Pollo alla Cacciatore - Chicken Cacciatore
Cavolofiore Gratinato - Cauliflower Gratin
Torta di Capri -
Capri Cake

Private Class Menu III
Penne al Prosecco - Penne Pasta with Prosecco
Filetto di Manzo alla Genovese - Beef Tenderloin Genovese Style
Patate e peperoni fritti - Fried Potates and Peppers
Insalata di Frutta con Gelato -
Fruit Salad with Gelato

Monday, December 17, 2012

4 New Menus--2 New Cities--Titina's Winter Classes 2013

New for 2013, Capri Flavors Chef Titina Vuotto  offers her popular Italian cooking classes on Friday nights only.  Sign up early for those special classes around Valentines Day and favorite menus from the heart of Italy. 

Plus this winter--Titina explores the cuisine of two new Italian cities with her students: The cultural melting pot of Livorno, an important Tuscan seaport, and Olbia, the ancient Greek colony in Northeast Sardinia. 

To learn more or book your cooking class, go to Capri  Private classes are also available for groups of 10-14 people. 

Sorrento January 4, Feb 1, March 1
Gnocchi al Ragu’
Gnocchi with Ragout

Aragosta in Crema
Lobster with Cream

Fagiolini al Vincotto
Green Beans with Vincotto

Torta di Capri
Capri Cake

Livorno January 11, February 8, March 8
Penne al Salmone
Penne with Salmon

Parmigiana di Melenzane
Eggplant Parmesan

Calamari Fritti
Fried Calamari

Gelato al Limoncello

Bologna January 18, February 15, March 15

Lasagna alla Bolognese
Lasagna Bolognese Style

Pollo alle Mele (Curry)
Chicken with Apples (Curry)

Piselli al Prosciutto
Peas with Prosciutto


Olbia January 25, February 22, March 22

Malloreddu con Salsiccia
Malloreddu pasta with sausages

Cozze al Gratin
Mussels Gratin

Asparagi con Prosciutto
Asparagus with Prosciutto

Cheese Fritters with Honey


Friday, July 20, 2012

Cook with Capri Flavors Chef Titina This Fall

Temperatures cool.  Appetites return.  Fall is great time to get back in the kitchen with Titina Vuotto, aclaimed Italian chef and cooking teacher in Morrisville, NC. 

Classes resume August 20 and break for the holidays on Decmeber 7th.  

Plus-- new this fall, Wedesday morning classes beginning at 10 am!  They're a great opportunity for special group lunches and celebrations. 

Class menus are listed below:  You can book on-line or call Capri Flavors for more information.  Then get ready to enjoy the BEST regional Italian cusine. 

Capri Menu
Bomboloni Capresi (Fritters filled with Mozzarella and Ham)
Pollo al Curry (Chicken Curry)
Insalata Caprese (Caprese salad)
Torta di Capri  (Capri Cake )
Monday: 8/20, 9/17, 10/15, 11/12,
Wednesday:8/22, 9/19, 10/17, 11/14
Friday: 8/24, 9/21, 10/19, 11/16

Bologna Menu
Prosciutto e Mellon (Melon and Parma Ham)
Lasagne Bolognese (Lasagne Bolognese Style)
Piselli al Prosciutto  (Prosciutto and Beans)
Monday:8/27, 9/24, 10/22, 11/19
Wednesday: 8/29, 9/26, 10/24, 11/21
Friday: 8/31, 9/28, 10/26, 11/23

Sorrento Menu
Gnocchi alla Robiola (Gnocchi with Robiola Cheese)
Sogliola alla Mugnaia (Sole Filets with Basil)
Insalata Capricciosa (Capricious Salad)
Torta della Nonna (Grandmother Cake)
Monday: 9/3, 10/01, 10/29, 11/26
Wednesday: 9/5, 10/03, 10/31, 11/28
Friday: 9/7, 10/5, 11/02, 11/30
Firenze Menu
Ribollita (Tuscan Reboiled Soup)
Aragosta in Crema (Lobster with Cream)
Finocchi alla Mozzarella (Fennel with Mozzarella)
Crema Caramellata (Cream Caramel)
Monday: 9/10, 10/08, 11/5, 12/3
Wednesday: 9/12, 10/10, 11/7, 12/5
Friday: 9/14, 10/12, 11/9, 12/7

Monday, July 9, 2012

Easy Summer Caprese Pasta

While Chef Titina takes a summer break from her popular Capri Flavors Cooking Classes--try this easy pasta variation of her signature Caprese Salad.

  • Cube fresh mozzarella cheese. (Try the buffalo mozzarella that's shipped frozen to the Capri Flavors retail store).  Put cubed cheese in a large bowl.

  • Boil water and cook your favorite pasta. Drain. Then pour warm pasta over the cheese and toss.

  • Next add 1 or 2 chopped fresh tomatoes, minced garlic, and capers in salt (rinsed and drained),

  • Finish the dish with lots of Titina's Italian Olive Oil and chopped fresh basil. Serve at room temperature with good bread to soak up the juice.

Titina's cooking classes will resume in late summer.  Until then, this is a great time to practice one of the most important lessons from her Italian kitchen and eat fresh, starting with the easy recipe.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

One More Way to Cook with Titina--Private Classes

Titina's popular Monday and Friday night cooking classes at Capri Flavors in Morrisville, NC are great for couples, individuals or smaller groups.  But if you want to celebrate with 10-18 people, consider booking a private class. 

Popular with businesses and families celebrating special occasions, private classes are a great way to bring people together for a fun, interactive and memorable evening.  This spring, there are four private class menus to choose from--each made up of favorite regional Italian dishes:

Private Class Menu I
Pasta alla Norma -
Pasta with Fried Eggplant
Maiale al Finocchio-
Pork Tenderloin with Fennel
Piselli al Prosciutto -
Spring Peas with Prosciutto
Torta Caprese -
Almond and Chocolate Cake

Private Class Menu II
Pasta e Fagioli
Pasta with Beans
Pollo alla Cacciatore
Chicken Cacciatore
Polenta con Rapini
Polenta with Broccoli Rabe
Classic Italian Dessert

Private Class Menu III
Spaghetti Crespati
Crispy Spaghetti
Melenzane alla Parmigiana
Eggplant Parmesan
Gamberetti e Fagioli Cannellini
Shrimp with white Beans
Affogato al Caffe Espresso
Espresso Drowned Ice Cream

Private Class Menu V
Orecchiette Con Broccoli di Rape
Pasta rings with Broccoli
Parmigiana di Melenzane
Eggplants Parmigiana
Portobello alla Caprese
Grilled Portobello with Caprese
Torta di Capri al Limoncello
Capri Cake with Limoncello

Titina's Private Classes Available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday Evenings beginning at 6. Mid-day classes can also be arranged.
Minimum attendance is10 people
$60.00 per person (gratuity not included)
Call (919) 462-9255 or 919 749-3656 for more information
Or e-mail and Capri Flavors will contact you within two business days.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Cooking Class Menus for Spring and Summer 2012

From artichokes to eggplants; red meat to new seafood dishes--There's something for everyone in the latest Capri Flavors Cooking Class line up. 

Taught by acclaimed Italian chef, cookbook author, and Capri native,  Titina Vuotto, each class covers a complete meal from appetizer though dessert. 

Students help prepare the dishes, then enjoy the fruits of their labors around Titina's big Italian table. 

Classes are held Monday and Friday evenings, beginning at 6pm.  Students may bring wine, or purchase hand-selected Italian wines in the Capri Flavors retail store. 

Here are the new menus and dates:

Capri Menu
Gnocchi di Patate (Potato Dumplings)
Braciola al Ragu (Steaks with Gravy)
Rotolo di Melenzane (Rolls of Eggplants)
Torta di Capri al Limoncello (Capri Cake with Lemoncello)
Mondays: 4/16, 5/7, 6/4, 7/2
Fridays: 4/20, 5/11, 6/8

Sardegna Menu
Malloreddus Pasta con Salsiccia (Pasta Mallordeddus with sausages)
Cozze Gratinate (Mussel Gratin)
Carciofi alla Sarda (Sardinian Style Artichokes)
Sabadas (Ravioli with Honey)
Mondays: 4/23, 5/14, 6/11
Fridays: 5/18, 6/15

Sicilia Menu
Anelletti con Melenzane (Anelletti Pasta with Eggplants)
Sogliola al Basilico (Sole Flients with Basil)
Cavolofiore Gratinato (Cauliflower au Gratin)
Sfingi San Giuseppe (Saint Joseph's Cram Puffs)
Mondays: 4/30, 5/21. 6/18
Fridays: 5/4, 5/25, 6/22

Liguria Menu
Pappardelle ai Funghi (Pasta Pappardelle with Mushrooms)
Aragosta in Crema (Lobster in Cream)
Zucchine alla Menta (Fried Zucchine with Mint)
Crema Caramellata (Cream Caramel)
Mondays 5/7, 5/28, 6/25
Fridays: 5/11, 6/1. 6/29

For more info call, 919 749-3656 or book on-line at