Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Simple Classic-Gnocchi

Last week Titina's cooking class enjoyed making and eating delicious gnocchi in cream sauce. Don't feel bad if you've never heard of the dish. Gnocchi may have been around since Roman times in Italy, but it's not well known in America. Many of Titina's students are also new to these little potato dumplings and a little intimidated until they get their hands in the dough.
They soon learn--gnocchi is not difficult at all.

First thing to remember--the"G" is silent. Say, "no-key" just like you would say those two short words in the states.

Number two--gnocchi has only three ingredients: Potatoes, flour and salt. It's easier to make than eggs or machine required...but treated much the same way. The gnocchi are dropped in boiling water, then sauced.

Like a lot of Italian classics, gnocchi relies on a simple recipe and time honored technique. So it's a real education to make it with Capri Flavors Chef Titina. Here's the link for her popular Gnocchi di Patate which she learned in the family restaurant on the beautiful Isle of Capri.


  1. I have to say...i always thought gnocchi would be way to hard to do on my own. Oh is so easy and waaaaayyy better than the dried or frozen. I love it with Titina's vodka sauce recipe...crowd pleaser for sure! Ciao

  2. Thanks Melissa, I find that most of Titina's recipes are really simple once you learn the technique. I'm always surprised by how many wonderful things she can make with just two or three ingredients.
    Kitchen Helper