Sunday, August 16, 2009

Where Titina Gets Her Garlic

Garlic is a critical ingredient in so many of Chef Titina's best recipes. She never cuts corners by using old or sprouted garlic. And her favorite garlic comes from local growers.

Home grown garlic may not be as pretty or large as its globe trotting supermarket cousin, but the flavor is so much brighter. Check out farmers' markets this month and if you see it, by all means give it try. Buy lots of fresh garlic to use in your kitchen and an extra bulb to plant. Garlic is an easy crop that even a beginner can grow successfully. All you need is a sunny spot, several cloves of garlic and about 5 minutes. After that, nature should do the rest.

Garlic is best planted in Fall so start thinking about it. Then follow these four steps.
  • Work up the soil.

  • Insert your garlic cloves, cover and water. (You may want to mark the spot so you don't forget)
  • Green stalks will sprout, grow, and next summer they will flower, then begin to die back.

  • When the stalks have died away, carefully dig up the garlic bulbs, brush off the dirt and use or store.

    A simple project, yet so gratifying, home grown garlic is just one of the ways Capri Flavors Chef Titina makes her food taste so good. Try in fresh garlic in pesto, bruschetta or with any fresh vegetables this time of year.

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