Monday, July 20, 2009

Local Peaches at their Peak

Like all great Italian cooks, Titina prizes fresh, local ingredients. So when North Carolina peaches reached their peak last week, she was a local orchard picking out the best of crop.

Her peaches made the trip from the tree to the freezer in a day. Titina has a vacuum pack machine and she uses it often, freezing fruits, vegetables and summer herbs for the winter months ahead.

Last week's peaches will end up in a Capri Flavors cooking class favorite--Bellini's. You can find many recipes for this popular cocktail but Titina makes it the simplest and most traditional way.

She insists the cocktail needs no garnish. It fact the color is said to be the beauty of the drink. The Italian bartender who invented it supposedly named his hit drink after a favorite background color in the paintings of the great artist Bellini.

Fresh peaches make great Bellini's also...and this is the perfect season for enjoying them. Here are Titina's instructions:

3 ripe white peaches peeled and pureed in the food processor

Mixed with one bottle very cold Procecco (Italian champagne) and enjoy!!

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