Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Calzones to die for

After a short summer break, Capri Flavors Chef Titina is back in kitchen with new menus and recipes that are new new to the cooking classes. Among them--delicious calzones which were a big hit with students this week.

Titina’s version of this Italian classic (titled: Bomboloni Capresi ) are remarkably tender. The filling is simple—fresh mozzarella cheese and ham—all topped with marinara sauce.

Titina’s calzone dough is not the common pizza dough (water, yeast and flour) calzone combination. She adds eggs and milk to the flour, the way her father taught her in the family restaurant on the island of Capri. (He learned the recipe from a chef in Cannes, France)

The calzones are fried…but you’d never know it. They are light, soft, brown and hold on to none of the oil. Again, Titina credits the eggs and milk in dough for the nice light texture.

If you’d like to sample Bomboloni Capresi check out the Capri Menu dates for Titina's classes. Also on the Capri menu another new dish that drew raves--Pollo alle Castagne or chicken and chestnuts. And keep an eye on Titina’s recipe file. Bomboloni Capresi will be coming soon. Right now, she's busy in the kitchen.

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