Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Recipes & New Regions In Titina's Kitchen this Fall

Fall has begun in Titina's Capri Flavors kitchen with great menus for new and returning students. 

Featured are 3 of Italy's culinary capitals and Titina's home island, the lovely Capri, where she grew up in a famous family restaurant. 

From Bologna, the capital city of Emilia-Romagna, a signature lasagna, followed by a rich main dish typical of the sophisticated region:  Prosciutto and Peas with Quail.

From the seafaring capital of Genoa, classic basil pesto (called Genovese) on pasta, and Calamari with tomatoes. 

From the ancient city of Rome, food with ancient roots starting with a semolina dumpling  and ending with a cake made with dried fruits. 

And finally,  from one of the world's most beautiful islands, Capri,  a new menu featuring world-class seafood and citrus.

Students participate in the cooking and may bring or purchase wine to enjoy with the meal. 

Class sizes are very limited, (classes must fit around Titina's big Italian table), so book early. 

Full menus and dates are listed below. 

Bologna Menu
Lasagne alla Bolognese (Lasagne Bologna Style)
Piselli al Prosciutto con Quaglie (Prosciutto and Peas with Quails)
Insalata Mista (Mixed Salad)

Sorbetto al Limoncello (Sorbet with Lemoncello)

Mondays: 9/5, 10/3, 10/31, 11/28
Fridays: 9/9, 10/7, 11/14, 12/2

Genova Menu
Linguine al Pesto  (Linguine with Pesto Sauce)
Calamari alla Marinara  (Calamari “Marinara” Style)
Scarole Sautee’ (Escaroles Sautee’)
Torta della Nonna (Grand Mother Cake)

Mondays: 8/29, 9/26, 10/24, 11/21
Fridays: 9/2, 9/30, 10/28, 11/25

Roma Menu
Gnocchi di Semolina alla Romana (Semolino Gnocchi Roman Style)
Pollo Speziato al Curry (Chicken with Curry)
Cavolofiori  Sautee’ (Cauliflower Sautee’)
Crostata di Frutta Essiccata (Dry Fruits Cake)

Mondays: 8/22, 9/19, 10/17, 11/14
Fridays: 8/26,  9/23,  10/21, 11/18

Gnocchi di Patate con Aragosta (Potato Gnocchi with Lobster)
Melenzane alla Parmigiana (Eggplants Parmigiana)
Orange Salad
Torta di Capri (Almond and Chocolate Cake)

Mondays: 8/15, 9/12, 10/10, 11/7
Fridays: 8/19, 9/16, 10/14, 11/11

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