Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chiacchere Di Carnevale--the Napoli Way

On the menu for family and friends sometime this week you'll probably find Chiacchere, the traditional sugar-dusted fried dough made just for Carnival in Italy.   

There are many names and variations of this festive treat.  Titina and husband Costanzo prefer Napoli style.  It's what they grew up eating on Capri across the bay from the ancient city of Naples. 

Check out the great video Costanzo  found which gives instructions for Chiacchere made the Naples way.

Don't let the Italian instructions up you off.  The recipe is simple, the pictures are easy to follow.

Even if you don't plan to make Chiacchere, this is a great example of mixing and kneading a dough in the same way Capri Flavors Chef Titina makes pasta in her popular Italian cooking classes.  Take a look and learn a new technique. 

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