Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Last Taste of Summer--From Titina's Kitchen

Chef Titina is famous for her pesto.  She makes jars to freeze for winter, and to sell in the Capri Flavors retail store.  And while Summer may officially end tonight--there's still time to enjoy this classic flavor in a great pasta recipe from Titina's kitchen.

Pesto is a  speciality of Genoa,  the famous seaport and garden spot on Italy's West coast.   Here it is combined with green beans, potatoes and just a dab of butter to make a creamy,  fresh tasting pasta dish.  

You can make your own pesto, or bypass that step and use a jar of the excellent Polli Pesto sold at Capri Flavors. 

This dish works well with linguine type pastas or try one of the great new, organic whole wheat pastas from Capri Flavors' expanded selection--the largest in the US.   Don't forget to save some of the cooking water to bring the dish together. 


Pasta alla Genovese (Pasta with Pesto)


2 bunches basil

5 tbsp. pine nuts

2 cloves garlic

1 tbsp. Pecorino Romano; grated

1 tbsp. Parmesan; grated

1 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 potatoes; cut into pieces

5 oz. green beans; cut into pieces

1 pound pasta

1 tbsp. butter

Serves 4; Preparation: 15 minutes; Cooking Time: 15 minutes; Level of difficulty:


Wash and dry the basil. Put the basil, pine nuts, and garlic in a food processor and work until it is a paste consistency. While the food processor is still running, add the cheese and oil a little at a time until everything is smooth.

About 10 minutes before cooking the pasta, cook the potatoes and green beans in slightly salted water until tender. Cook the pasta in boiling salted water until al dente. Before draining the pasta, stir the butter and a little bit of the pastas cooking water into the pesto to dilute it and give it a creamier consistency. Drain the pasta and vegetables, dress with the pesto, and serve.

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