Monday, February 22, 2010

Titina Returns to the Kitchen

Fresh from hip replacement surgery but feeling better everyday--Capri Flavors Chef Titina Vuotto has decided to resume her popular cooking classes on Monday April 5. Gift card holders and long-time students who have waited so patiently can go to or call 919 462-9255 to book their spots.

Classes are very hands-on. Students of all skill levels chop, kneed, and saute under Titina's watchful eye. Then everyone enjoys the fruits of their labors around Titina's big Italian table.

Students may bring wine to enjoy with the meal, or purchase bottles of Italian wine in the Capri Flavors retail store.

Classes are scheduled on Mondays and Fridays beginning at 6 pm. Menus and dates are listed below

Titina and her husband Costanzo would like to thank everyone for their good thoughts and get well wishes during her recent surgery and recovery. They appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing you soon.

SICILIA Menu April 19, 23--May 17, 21--June 14, 18

Anellini con Melenzane (Anellini with Eggplant)

Pollo al Curry (Chicken Curry)

Piselli al Prosciutto (Peas with Prosciutto)

San Giuseppe Zeppole (Saint Joseph Cream Puffs)

SARDEGNA Menu April 26, 30--May 24, 28--June 21, 25

Malloreddus Con Dalsiccia (Malloreddus with Sausage)

Cozze Gratinate (Mussels au Gratin)

Carciofi alla Sarda (Sardinian Artichokes)

Sabadas’ (Ravioli with Honey)

PIEMONTE Menu April 12, 16--May 10, 14--June 7, 1

Pasta e Cannellini (Cannellini Beans with Pasta)

Roast-Beef con le Castagne (Roast Beef with Chestnuts)

Fava alla Piemontese (Piemontese Fava Beans)

Nodi D’Amore (Love Knots)

CAPRI Menu April 5, 9--May 3, 7, 31--June 4

Limoncello (Lemon Liquor)

Suffle di Formaggio (Cheese Souffle)

Aragosta alla Crema (Lobster in Cream Sauce)

Radicchio al Parmigiano (Radicchio with Parmesan)

Torta di Capri al Limoncello (Capri Cake with Limoncello)

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