Monday, January 18, 2010

Chef Titina Out of the Hospital

She's not back in her Capri Flavors kitchen yet--but she is smiling again.

All signs are positive after Titina's joint replacement surgery and she is now recovering at home.
Husband Costanzo says she's feeling well and very upbeat about her rehab--

Titina expects to resume teaching her popular Italian cooking classes in late winter. It's too soon for an exact date...but we'll keep her students posted.

In the meantime, here's a kitchen staple that shows up in many of Titina's classes. Carote alla Scapece (translated boiled carrots with white wine vinegar) is a super-versatile side dish that is best when made ahead. It's usually sitting on the table when students arrive. In cooler months Titina like to serve it at room temperature.

Carote alla Scapece (boiled carrots with white wine vinegar)




White Wine Vinegar

Chopped garlic

Chopped basil

Chopped mint

Dry oregano

Chopped Parsley

Hot Pepper to taste (optional)

Boil carrots in lightly salted water until they are al dente. Drain well. While carrots are still warm add vinegar and seasonings. Mix well, cover and refrigerate. Best served cold or room temperature one day to one week after preparation.


  1. 培養健全孩子最好的方法是父母先成為健全的人。.........................

  2. I hope your recovery is speedy and as pain-free as possible. I miss seeing you in the kitchen.